Welcome to Sky Ranch Bakehouse,

a totally gluten free wholesale bakehouse proudly offering coeliacs, wheat intolerant and gluten intolerant customers a delicious variety of crusty, handcrafted breads.

Tasmania’s own Sky Ranch Bakehouse – a small, 2-person business producing outstanding gluten free breads. Award winning bread – multiple times!

Robin’s obsession with baking wheat breads since 1970 is what prompted the creation of our gluten free bakery. Production began in mid-2009 with three fresh products and two premixes. Our current range now stands at thirteen fresh products and twelve premixes. As planned, growth of a dedicated and regular coeliac customer base and others who choose to use breads for their general wellbeing. Our customer base now includes cafes, restaurants, accommodation venues and festivals. You might also be pleased to hear that Robin’s passion for wheat bread baking has not diminished in the slightest! In an alternative kitchen of course. Read more