Hello and welcome to our recipe and helpful hints page to support your gluten free baking. Our pre-mixes can be purchased at the online shop. If you’ve tried to bake gluten free before you’ll know all too well how difficult it can sometimes be to get it right. The below tips are included in the Sky Ranch Pre-mix range of products too.

Let’s start with yeast.  When you bake the normal wheat bread loaves you need about 1½ tablespoon of yeast to 1½kg of flour. Our loaves have three teaspoons of yeast (almost 1 tablespoon) for 383g of flour, depending on which pre-mix loaf you’re making. Sounds such large amount, I know, but you do need this quantity to assist with the rising. There’s yeast and yeast – I recommend and exclusively use Mauripan yeast. Its shelf life is up to two years if kept refrigerated.

  • Hint 1: Use cold water on humid, warm on hot days. Use barely tepid water on colder days.
  • Hint 2: If you prefer grain bread (which we call Seed Loaf as it’s mostly seeds) you can take one of our Crusty White Pre-mixes and include 80g of a mixture of seeds or grains of your choice. However, we also sell our Crusty White Loaf packets with seeds included, which is labelled on the front of the pre-mix packet.
  • Hint 3: Ingredients state to use 1½ cups of water but add one cup first then add the remaining ½ cup in two stages. Better to go slowly. At the end of beating time the dough should hang off the ends of your beaters, almost to the point of dropping off.
  • Hint 4: After you’ve filled your tins with the dough take a small spatula and paddle the dough up and down on the flat as if you were standing on wet sand so that it gets sloppy underneath. The movement pushes the dough well down into the corners and also makes it silky smooth.
  • Hint 5: Let the dough rise to a level just under the top of the tin or for about 20 minutes. The dough will keep rising as it cooks. Ideally, your tin needs to be around 7cm deep. Place in the oven at 200˚C for 15 minutes then turn down the heat to around 180˚C and bake for another 35 to 38 minutes. You’ll know your oven, so it may be less time, could be a little more.
  • Hint 6: Avoid opening the oven during baking. If baking Bunskys it will deflate them slightly.
  • Hint 7: When baking is finished take the loaf out and tap the bottom. If it sounds hollow it’s done, but if it makes a dull sound quickly pop it back into the oven for another, say, two to three minutes. It won’t take long. Most importantly, stick with it!  Gluten free bread baking is quite different from conventional bread baking. It can be temperamental but you will conquer the challenge with time and practice.
  • Hint 8: Would you like to vary your Crusty White Loaf Pre-mix? Try adding: 80g of your favourite seed or grain mix. For savoury muffins add: sundried tomatoes, chives, parsley, cheese, olives, ham, bacon and substitute the sunflower oil for the oil from the bottle of sundried tomatoes (or use olive oil). If you like olive bread add: chopped olives, substitute olive oil, and even better, include some tapenade. Toasted, ooohhh it’s delish!

For my local Tasmanian customers, if you’re wanting a more hands-on hint session we hold baking classes here at the Sky Ranch kitchen on Friday afternoons. For full-time workers a Saturday can be arranged.

That’s all for now. Drop by again soon for another update.