ere we are, back again. Don’t these goodies look delicious! Take a close, close look at the croissants – one has been filled with chocolate! Nancy baked all these products during our one-on-one class yesterday. When a student is not afraid to try new ideas and loves to cook, our classes are filled with interesting information on both sides. And fun too. Can you imagine the smell of these croissants coming out of the oven?…….heavenly! That little pie on the right is a savoury pastry from the book Multi-Allergy Cookbook by Lola Workman and endorsed by the Coeliac Society of Australia. Lola’s books are all worthwhile to have in your library. Last week I made the pastry into two small meat pies – scrumptious! – but yesterday we filled one large texas muffin hole with the pastry then broke two eggs into it, with chives and parsley. The pastry bakes into a tasty, crusty pie case with no hint of sogginess. Behind the croissants is a loaf of our Crusty White bread sprinkled with sesame seeds. Beside the loaf is a baked pizza crust (we forgot to brush olive oil on the top so it’s a little cracked) but once the topping goes on it makes no difference at all to the finished pizza. And finally, below that is a new sandwich wrap recipe found on the internet at The dough is spread as thinly as possible with a spatula onto a large tray, pricked all over with a fork then baked for 20 minutes. The result, when cooled, is this large rectangle of flat bread which would then be either cut into large squares for the top and bottom of a sandwich, or just a long rectangle which you could fold around your filling and secure with a skewer. Next time when the dough is on the tray I want to place a piece of cling film over it and roll it even further for a smoother texture. Oh, there’s just so many ideas pouring out of us right night it’s hard to know what recipe to bake next! Here’s a gem of a dessert: Moelleaux au chocolate – otherwise known as Chocolate Molten Lava cake. Look it up on the internet and have a go. Believe me, you need to bake this indulgent chocolate fantasy. You NEED TO BAKE THIS!!

There’s more recipes coming. Right now a cake needs to be removed from the oven so I’d better go. Cheerio, Robin.